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We use molecular biology, immunology, virology and genetics to tackle intractable immunodeficiencies, be they the bare lymphocyte syndrome or AIDS. These approaches also find resonance in autoimmunity and cancer. In the process, these diseases and their pathogens educate us about human biology and evolution. Indeed, new paradigms in genomic stability, transcription, transport and intracellular traffic have been forthcoming from these studies. Our ultimate goals are to use this knowledge of basic molecular mechanisms to cure human diseases.


B. Matija Peterlin, M.D.
professor of medicine, microbiology and immunology

University of California, San Francisco

Department of Medicine

533 Parnassus Avenue

Room U-432, UCSF Box 0703 
San Francisco, CA 94143-0703

Phone: +1 (415) 502-1905
Fax: +1 (415) 502-1901
Email: matija.peterlin@ucsf.edu
Web: labs.medicine.ucsf.edu/bmplab/

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